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I am a self taught photographer from Missouri.  I caught the travel bug early on in my life and was fortunate enough to grow up in a family that allowed me to do so.  These travels are what first piqued my interest in photography as I wanted to way to remember the places I visited.  Photos always brought back vivid memories and thus my interest in photography flourished.  

After college I was able to live in Colorado for a year, South Carolina for three years, and then Tennessee for a year before finally moving back to Missouri.  Don't get me wrong, Missouri is home for me and I love it but it does not offer the same allure that some of those other locations do for a landscape photographer.  Most of my landscape work will be from those three locations with the occasional photo from other places I have traveled to.  

Now back home, I made a switch and am focused more on portrait photography to try and stay busy with this hobby that I love.  It offers its own unique challenges and perspectives that I was not accustomed to with landscape photography.  This keeps me striving to learn more and perfect my craft.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  I sell all of my landscape photos and offer portrait shoots (fashion, senior, family, etc) in the greater St. Louis area.  See the tabs at the top for more information regarding these.  Please also visit my Facebook and Instagram pages.  I have provided links at the top. 

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