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The Colorado/Utah night skies are among the darkest in the country.  Don't believe me?  Check out  to see an interactive light pollution map and you will see all the dark areas nearby.  This leaves a fantastic opportunity to do a photoshoot under the Milky Way.  

 What is included:

A)  Transportation to a site of your choosing up to 2 hours away. It is recommended to be at least 30 minutes from Grand Junction.

B)  A 2-3 hour shoot.  Approximately 15 minutes will be done  shooting you and the rest is done shooting the Milky Way.

C)  A high resolution digital file of the resulting image

D)  A 12 x 18 print on metal

The process:  To ensure the absolute best results it can take up to 2 hours to get a single image which is why only 1 picture is guaranteed.  If time allows I can take more, however.  Each picture will be panoramic meaning it will be very high quality, generally being about 30-50 megapixels which allows for huge prints if  you ever choose to do so.  Further, I use high-tech gear that actually follows the stars so I can take much longer pictures without getting any trailing in the stars.  This ensures incredible detail in the Milky Way.  Lastly, I use advanced processing and blending techniques that takes up to another 2 to 3 hours to edit each picture.  

The price:  $450 per shoot, however this can be a shot of an individual, couple, or group.  Price does not change based on group size, but I can only hold up to 4 other people in my vehicle.

I plan on living in Grand Junction for only another 3 months so this is a great opportunity for a truly unique picture.  I will only have time for 2 to 4 shoots meaning space is extremely limited so contact me as quickly as possible if you are interested. 

Please message me on my Facebook page or email me at to put your name on the wait list.  There is no commitment and you can cancel at any time up to 2 weeks before the shoot.  Payments will be made at the shoot itself. 

Do not hesitate to message me with any questions or comments.

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